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Why Solar  
■Solar energy is the most abundant available energy on earth.
Enough sunlight reaches us every 15 minutes to power the world for an entire year. And solar energy is a reliable way of power generation, at present, countries and regions around the world have a large part of the energy from solar power generation.

■Solar energy is more secure and clean energy on earth.
Using solar energy can achieve substantial carbon emissions, reduce disputes and promote human development.

■Solar power is a kind of flexible energy.
Solar power is available wherever there's sunshine. You can install solar panels on the roof or on ground. The electricity produced by the solar energy can be supplied to a family or an entire city. Solar power can also solve the problem of electricity in the world's 1 billion 500 million non electricity population.

■Solar power is still a reliable investment.
Project developers, owners and owners of the land can sell the solar power to the power company, so they can obtain a stable income during the entire life cycle of the solar system. Whether your solar power is for personal use or for sale, you can get a good return in the near future. As the cost of solar systems continues to lower, the solar energy becomes a more and more wise investment. The reliable performance of our solar products will help you gain a profit in the coming decades. In addition, solar energy does not produce noise, no moving parts, and almost no need to maintain.

■Solar power can satisfy the growing energy needs of mankind.
The International Energy Agency report shows that the global electricity demand will be expected to increase to 31 trillion and 700 billion degrees till 2030. IEA pointed out that more than 66% of the world's electricity is generated by coal, natural gas and oil and other fossil fuels. When the fossil fuel reserves continued to decline and the power consumption continued to rise, so the electricity prices will do continue to rise. Then there is an urgent need to develop sustainable alternative energy sources.